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211 Marketing Toolkit

Community Marketing Toolkit

211 is now available to everyone, in every community across the Commonwealth. As a community-based organization, we know you work hard to ensure your neighbors have access to the resources they need. When you share information about 211, you help ensure everyone has access to the support they need, in real time.


Use the resources below to help spread the word!

Key Messaging

As you share 211 with members of your community, consider using the below key messages as talking points and in written format. 


  • 211 is now available to everyone, in every community across the Commonwealth

    • Highlight ways to connect and the ease of the process (call, text, chat or search online)  

    • Available 24/7, 365 and in multiple languages 

  • Help starts here. 

    • When you don't know where to turn, 211 is there to help – a trusted starting place 

  • United Way 211 meets your real needs, in real time 

    • Trained specialists are available 24/7, 365 

  • "Get connected. Get Help."

Printable Flyers

Do you have a place to hang or distribute a flyer in your community? Choose a flyer or flyers below to print and share!


Social Media

Be sure to follow Kentucky 211 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share the content with your social media audiences. Click on the icons below to view the pages.

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  • Instagram

Are you a United Way organization? Find additional resources here.

Connect With Us

If you have additional questions or need information to share 211 with others, please connect with us using the contact form below.

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